Quality certification: Getting a chance may be a speculative action, but if a chance can be created, it is the best scenario. Time and tide wait for none and we have to make the hay when sun shines. We can go for mechanical drying, but it may be expensive. When sun shine is freely available we should make good use of it. Judicial utilization of resources is the best quality culture.

Resources always remain limited, because of restrictions imposed by governments, statutory rules and regulations, organizational monetary constraints etc. Further natural resources are not unlimited .Sometimes we may not be able to replenish them and consequently they dwindle and vanish from the scene.

Conservation needs to be considered and practiced. Frittering away, valuable resources has to be curtailed. It is part of quality activity. Not wasting time or material or man power is also required to achieve quality .Anything saved minimizes quality cost. Optimum utilization of resources helps to maintain and sustain business .Unless viable and vibrant policies are not followed, business will become weak. A building has to be strong from its foundation on wards. Then only more and more loads can be added. Quality is the underlying base on which business castle can be built in.

This culture needs to be physically demonstrated .It should be visible, viable and needs to be validated, through verification. This is called quality certification. A degree certificate will fetch you a job and the same way a quality certification will boost up your business. It can unravel your hidden strengths and reveal your ability, attitude and aims to others .By looking at a person, no one can judge that he is an educated person. Prima face one has to show his degree or post graduate degree certificate as a proof that he possesses required and requisite educational qualifications. In the same way a quality certificate corroborates that the organization is good in all aspects and can take care of customer perceptions/expectations. Like a conduct certificate, quality certificate, stands for organizations’ positive aspects and encourages a customer to buy a product or take a service from you.

Quality certification is an acid test, an organization has to withstand. If it cannot convince an auditor, how can it cajole a customer towards it Auditors spend lot of time and check various parameters to conclude that an organization conforms to set norms .Whereas ,a customer has to judge an organization ,in a short span of time, to decide to buy its products or use its services .He may have lack of experience or short of expertise and many times he feels convenient and confident ,if he knows that the product or service is certified by third party organization in an impartial manner, using apt techniques and technology.

A torch light can dispel darkness and a quality certification can highlight an organization’s exercises, experiences and extraordinary features.

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